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Jakarta gets new leader

For the first time in 50 years the people of Jakarta have installed a new Governor rejecting discrimination on the basis of religion and instad focusing on proven effectiveness. Those who thrive in hate and discrimination are always a minority. The citizens of Jakarta have choosen the better way.

A better model

As the new President of Indonesia establishes his style and moves forward with his agenda for the nation, a new awareness is emerging that the country has a unique role to play in todays emerging nations. As the largest Muslim nation, democracy has taken root in Indonesia and President Jokowi who comes from the working […]

21st Century Leadership

[dropcap] C [/dropcap]ongratulations to Pak Joko Widodo (53), newly installed as President of Indonesia!   I first went to Indonesia in 1998 a few days after Suharto, dictator for 31 years, was deposed. The city of Jakarta was in shambles as many were killed in the confrontation between the military and the civilians who wanted […]

Internet for the Village

As President elect Joko Widodo awaits his inauguration next October 20 he has been laying out the ground rules for his administration. In his usual style, he is talking to the common people in the villages, street markets, sports halls as well as diplomatic representatives and visiting business leaders. Yesterday, Mark Zukerberg, CEO and founder […]

Out of the mouths of children

Once again young people are making their voices heard at the global stage. While the implications of the youth led Arab Spring Movement are still being sorted in several nations, young people in Hong Kong are standing up to challenge the seemingly absolute power of Beijing. Joshua Wong, who turned 18 yesterday has emerged as […]

Hope for Greece

Philemon is driven by a passion to see his native Greece functioning again as a nation where people live in harmony and support each other towards a common well being. However, the nation faces staggering challenges, for example the unemployment rate stands at 27% percent while 65% of young people ages 15-24 did not find […]

The truth isn’t “sexy”*

Terrorism, sex trafficking, water availability and poverty are the most pressing issues of our day. The impact they have in our daily lives boggles the mind. A lot of time and money has been invested to deal with these issues yet they remain and continue to get worse. Is there anything anyone can really do? […]

Jokowi for President

Joko “Jokowi” Widodo represents the ultimate “dark horse” of any presidential election. Last year he was repeatedly asked if he wanted to run for president but he always said, “my job is to serve Jakarta and that is all I think about every day.” In the two years since Jokowi became Governor of Jakarta, his […]

We value people

Budiman has lived a hard life. He sleeps in an open space at the bus station. His job is to help people find their bus. His salary comes from tips weary travelers give him, he earns about US$3 a day, just enough to eat and drink. When I met him yesterday, he was wearing a […]

Escaping for Life

I have broken bread with Refugees in Guatemala, I have sat down in a tent in northern Macedonia with Kosovars, I have delighted in Pakistani food prepared for me with great love and sacrifice by friends who had little except the food they were sharing. Refugees, are people who unwillingly and at great risk have […]