We are responding to the Syrian refugee crisis in various ways and in various places. Florian helps the relocation and training of the churches in Germany. Philemon leads his team in emergency response to refugees in Athens, Greece. Andrew has been setting up a mobile kitchen at the borders around Turkey, Serbia and Hungary. 2015 was an intense year and we expect 2016 to be just as busy.

The Syrious.Love project was set up in 2015 to respond to the Syrian refugee crisis and the hundreds of thousands of other refugees pouring into Europe. From the day the first border closed to refugees, a team of 20 volunteers set up a mobile kitchen to feed the refugees and offer assistance in getting safely to Europe. Since then, the focus of the project has shifted to relocation efforts, visiting camps, networking key leaders in about 12 countries, and creating resources to equip ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things in response to this huge opportunity.

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