Medan Microloans

The Medan Microloan Project is a partnership between Next Step and Pertiwi who are collaborating to give microloans to women in Indonesia.  We have recently given loans to three thousand women and are now asking for the funds to resource the next thousand.

Investing in Indonesian Women

A $100 loan

We have discovered that an investment of a $100 microloan into a female micro-entrepreneur in rural Indonesia results in an average of $1,248 additional income in the first year alone

More Details

– The women are being taught to develop self-esteem and realize that they are capable to achieve success. In this way they learn to love themselves. They are also taught to love their neighbor by caring for those who have less than they do and to seek those things that are truly valuable.

 – During the training, the women are taught to use the money wisely, save, make a budget and deliver products that are useful.
– They agree to follow 4 values: Giving, Saving, Paying Debts, Shopping only for needs
– After the loan is repayed, it is available for another cycle of investment.