How Evangelicals Got the Gospel Wrong: Reflections of a Latino Missionary

Wolfgang D. Fernández’s penetrating analysis of the evangelical faith’s divergences from its Gospel roots. Fernández, with over forty years of missionary service across continents, narrates a series of encounters that cast light on the cultural shifts and theological misunderstandings that have distanced Evangelicals from the original messages of their creed. This reflective memoir traverses the globe from the streets of Venezuela to the halls of power in the U.S., offering a window into the soul-searching journey of a faith community and its potential redemption. Through Fernández’s eyes, we witness a call to introspection and a heartfelt plea for a return to the authentic Gospel-a faith that champions love, inclusion, and justice.

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Wolfgang D. Fernández is a seasoned missionary with a four-decade career spanning 70 countries, deeply rooted in a philosophy that embraces life with open hands. His journey, influenced by his Venezuelan heritage and enduring faith instilled by his parents, reflects his commitment to nurturing relationships and spiritual growth. Fernández’s ministry has evolved from traditional church planting to establishing diverse missional social enterprises, including health, agriculture, and holistic community development. Known for his soft-spoken yet deeply impactful approach, he emphasizes relational connections over dogmatic assertions. His work, celebrated by fellow mission leaders, exemplifies a shift toward holistic, sustainable ministry models that respond to the evolving global landscape. Fernández’s writings offer insights into the transformative power of authentic Christian engagement in an ever-changing world.


  • Trade Paperback: ISBN 978-1-957506-79-1
  • Hardcover: ISBN 978-1-957506-78-4
  • eBook: ISBN 978-1-957506-80-7
  • Case Laminate: ISBN 978-1-957506-81-4
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