LivFul is passionate about people living their life to the fullest potential. We’re inspired to bring better science to the world to save lives and transform communities.


Preventing Malaria Globally

Our Repellant

To save lives and transform communities, LivFul created AKIVA, to showcase our patented plant-based controlled-release technology. It is the perfect combination of nature and science.

Traditional repellents are absorbed into the skin. Our technology, made from algae and mushrooms, keeps the repellent on the skin where it belongs. This reduces evaporation and absorption into the skin for longer lasting protection and a more pleasant experience.

AKIVA is a DEET-free, nature-based insect repellent. It is a combination of our LivFul Technology and the active ingredient IR3535 a bio-repellent based on the amino acid Beta Alanine. AKIVA stays on the skin where it creates a no-fly zone for up to 16+ hours. That means fewer applications and extra hours of work and play. AKIVA  is rub-off resistant, but not sticky. It’s skin-friendly, virtually scent-free and feels invisible. AKIVA guards against bites from mosquitoes, flies fleas, lice, ticks, chiggers and no-see-ums.

We imagine a world where people are protected from biting insects that carry disease. AKIVA will change the way you live, work and play. At LivFul, we like to say, “If you don’t get bit, you don’t get sick.”

Founder’s Story

Growing up a happy child in Nigeria, LivFul Founder and CEO Hogan Bassey dealt with a common problem – malaria.

By the time he was 10, Hogan had already suffered through several bouts of the life-threatening disease. Determined to thwart the miserable mosquitoes that delivered the disease to himself and his friends, Hogan gathered a few household products and mixed up a batch of simple – and somewhat effective – homemade mosquito repellent in the family bathtub. His “success” in disease prevention and problem-solving motivated him to create a company that would fight disease, save lives and transform communities around the world.