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Venezuela Article on Lausanne

Next Step Director Wolfgang Fernandez, a native of Venezuela, has written an excellent article on the crisis in his country for the Lausanne publication. Highly recommended read. The Populist Disaster of Venezuela, by Wolfgang Fernandez

Crossing Borders

By Wolfgang Fernandez. It is not apparent in the news yet for the last few months I have continued to watch in horror and disbelief at the further deterioration of society in Venezuela. It is estimated that more than 4 million Venezuelans have left the county in the last five years. First, were those with […]

1500 Active Loans

Having started two years ago with a small personal investment of $10,000, Ibu Sora, a local lady with a heart for the women in the region’s villages has started a movement providing a qualified mother a loan of $100 which is paid back in 6 months at $5 per week. The basic income of the […]


While in Indonesia recently, I met Maria (not her real name) she was glowing as she told us her story. A couple of months before, she was in a crowded hospital bed wasting away. She had contracted the HIV-AIDS virus. All alone, her hopes for life were then fading away. Like Maria, many girls come […]