We value people

Budiman has lived a hard life. He sleeps in an open space at the bus station. His job is to help people find their bus. His salary comes from tips weary travelers give him, he earns about US$3 a day, just enough to eat and drink.

IMG_3182When I met him yesterday, he was wearing a clean shirt and his hair was well groomed. He was happy and was interested to tell his story.

Life has been even harder for him, he recently came out of jail after a long prison term. Before that, he experienced a rough time in the streets of Jakarta.

His new life began when he met a group of folks who befriended him and began to help him think about his past choices and helped him express his dreams.

We recognize Budiman as a man of peace at the bus station. His desire is to make life work in this difficult environment and our role is to empower him to make this work.